Heartbeat of Chaos

by Slay My Sanity

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Brought to the world with passion towards the music we love.
Released May 12, 2017

Lyrics - Alexey Varfolomeyev
Music by Dmitry Timofeyev # 1, 3, 5
Music by Danil Chernovalov # 2, 4
Arrangements by Andrey Shirokov and Maxim Sakhno

Artwork Danil Chernovalov


released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Slay My Sanity Chelyabinsk, Russia

Slay My Sanity were formed back in 2009 in Chelyabinsk by Alex, Dmitry and Danil. It took them another couple of years to complete the formation of the line-up. The ensemble was forced to go through lengthy breaks due to two members serving in the army. With everybody back in business and scores of gigs played, Slay My Sanity got down to recording a debut album which they finally released in 2015 ... more

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Track Name: Orinco

All we're aware of is imminence
yet no time, yet no sings
yet no wake-up calls
she questions me, her glaze blazing me
but he who's never been there
is mute like a wall

no, eternity fails
innocence burns
under the wheels of orinco

more real than life
brighter than day
brought with the roar of orinco

And all we do is deceive ourselves
Yet no path, yet way
yet no destiny
I stole from him who stole from me
Yet a wiseman said
sometimes dead is better
Track Name: Truth vs Truth
Truth versus Truth

black jackals skirring down the streets
the sun too weak to cleanse the filth
the moon too pale to make them see us
the time is ripe, the time is ripe
time is ripe, torches bright
it is tonight
the blind can see

I’ll get you rid of your body,
a death row cell for a vagrant soul.
I don’t know how it started,
but i know i know it will end with your fall.

no shelter found in false ideals
no walls to stand the rage of truth
we borrow flames from hearts of believers
we bring the pain to cure the lie

kind will never mean harmless
love is true when you know who to hate
they all will seek forgiveness
the cost is change, the price they'll never pay

forget your name
they call you traitors down below
it's both your body and mind we're after
Track Name: Crurifragium

a monument to silence
a shadow's breath
now witness me suffer

another self-deception
a smirk of fate
a hand of time crushing me down

as if it's not enough
as if you're here,
yet a vanishing half

as if I don't deserve
an honest word,
you’re wrecking my nerves

crurifragium i am nailed to a cross
of hopelessness
so spontaneous, a transformation
i beg make me rest in

I beg, I beg, I beg make me rest in peace

No. I won’t look back.
I won't set foot on the memory lane

you're bleeding me with a smile of a child
so treacherous
it's a law of heart to be crude to be mild

crurifragium i am nailed to a cross
of bitter disdain
it's the hardest thing, to drive a nail
of what you call mercy
Track Name: Nelmes

sown with poisonous stars
a firmament condemned
is what my body became
every day
we lay our praise
at the altar of the hurt-creator

Nelmes, thy blood's not so clean
yet thou art mine redeemer

Nelmes, thy venomous gift
is a symbol of life

pestilence, gates wide open
to welcome you
as a ruler
every day
we lay our praise
at the feet of the sister plague
Track Name: Heartbeat of Chaos
Heartbeat of Chaos

is it harm
that attracts you
in harmony
stone clenched in a fist
are you blinded by illusions of liberty
to vanish in the mist

in the heartbeat of chaos
whispers swarm
heartbeat of chaos
tune for the doomed

heartbeat of chaos
lies like worms
heartbeat of chaos

who gave you bricks to build these walls
around the ruins of your homes
who brought a handful of light
to make you sing his tune

it's when the knives know better
than common sense
it's when the blood is right
the flame’s a decoration to a damned new world
the smoke caresses hope

your face, an utter menace
but you all have my name
your voice defiles my image
but you all speak my tongue

don't die before you're dead